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Mushimiyimana Diane is a Managing Director of Urugoli Media/New Company, She's over 10Years + of experience in Media and Journalism Sector, Co-organizer of GGS2020, received different Awards, Included Water & Science Journalist award 2019 by UNESCO in partnership with Info Nile and IHE Delft Netherland and one of the Pan-Commonwealth Judging Panel for the Commonwealth Awards for Excellence in Development Work 2021. WMOC and  AWIM member. Urugoli is a media for disseminating, distributing and gathering news. “Live the story of women in Africa & Worldwide.” She's hardworking, Cooperate, global mentor, global development activist, human rights, Justice and SDGs activists, networking, Gender, Youth and women empowerment, Children’s advocacy, trade business and marketing activist. A global mentor and social entrepreneurship trainer, also at the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship programme. She has worked on key issues such as equity in information technology, entrepreneurial mentorship for women at the local and international level, community housing, and women’s and youth empowerment. She contributes in several community debates and dialogues for women in rural communities where they can discuss economic development, leadership, human rights, business and trade, peace building, and conflict management, etc.

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